Sunday, 13 May 2012

My first blog.... packing, sorting, and freaking out a bit...

Crazy! That's how I describe the feeling right now. We have known about our upcoming move to China for about 18 months, but now that it's actually happening, it's a little overwhelming. I had a dream a few months ago that I was walking the streets of Shenyang and trying to find my way back to our hotel. Once inside the grand building that I thought was our hotel, I couldn't locate our room. I was completely lost and couldn't find anyone that could speak english. I have thought about that dream a lot this past week. I am contemplating using a permanent marker to write my chinese address onto my forearm just incase this scenario actually happens. I am also paranoid about losing the kids amongst the sea of people we will be surrounded by; they will probably get our address written on their arms too.
 We were told we were way over our allowed shipment, so Aaron and I have spent the past week going through everything AGAIN and making sure we are discarding anything and everything that we absolutely dont want or need. We've gone through clothing, paperwork, toys, books, junk drawers, etc.. ridding anything that isnt necessary to take with. Its been quite the process. We are not allowed to ship any food/nutritional items, liquids, aerosals, or batteries; all those things go in our luggage or stay here in nova scotia. I'm ready to just get packed and go, as it means this annoying process will be over with. My eagerness to get going is met with the sadness of the reality of the friends we leave behind. It was difficult saying goodbye to family and friends back home in Indiana, but its a different sadness when you say goodbye to someone knowing you will probably never meet again. We have met some amazing people here that will be near to our hearts forever. Another thing swaying my eagerness is the long journey to get to the opposite side of the planet. We will be travelling for roughly 36 hours; 40 hours if we include drive times/customs. Apparently other people have done this before and survived, so I'm hoping we can make it as a family. I have been emphasizing to the kids how important it is for them to listen, hold hands, and pay attention on our trip. I'm sure I will be bribing them for their continued participation. Our last time travelling Owen decided to take a seat on the escalator about 4 seconds from the bottom... bags were thrown and chaos broke out as i threw him out of the way before we were all trampled by the 100 other people packed on the escalator behind us. Fond memories like those make my stomach churn as I think of what lies ahead for us.
Madilynn is sad to leave her friends at school, but looking forward to the excitement of living in China. She has been doing great at school and her teacher said she should be just fine with leaving school 5 weeks early.Her class is having a party for her on Friday; she's super pumped!  Owen cannot wait to get to China. He wants to go to school like his big sister; he knows China is where his school is at, so he's ready. What an exciting life these kids live! Owen is not yet 5, but will have lived in 3 different countries.
 Just threw out all my spices, which was heart wrenching. Our meal times are dissapointing, as I'm trying to use up our grocery supply, so its odds and ends that have been hiding in the freezer and cupboards for months. It's extra difficult to force foods we don't care for, especially since we know it will be months before we can get our favorite foods again. I cant wait to take pictures and share with you all the random weird foods we find there. I saw someone posted dried pork flavored dunkin donuts. I told Owen they had hotdog donuts in China and this boy is pumped to try them! hahaha. That will definitely be documented, I promise! :) Thanks for reading my first blog. I hope to get better at this soon. love to you all!